Saturday, 7 May 2016

AWI Hessian Jaegers

One of the most elite units of North American battlefields were German light troops - Jaegers.

When building Hessian force from American Revolution, including at least one of them is no brain choice.

Models I used are newly released Walord/WF plastics, which includes options for building some Jaegers.

Half unit is shooting, half moving. Like should be real Jaegers, which operated in pairs, like modern snipers, when one from the two has pointed gun and another was reloading or moving.

To ad some flavour to the unit I painted two soldiers with stripped paints and kitbash one soldier with hirschfänger and gave unteroffizier pistol for more cool factor (and for game recognition).

Next time: Hesse-Kassel officier from Infanterie Regiment von Mirbach.