Saturday, 24 December 2016

4chan HWG Secret Santa 2016

This year I was participating in 4chan Historical Wargaming Secret Santa. I was little sceptical, after all, its still 4chan, but it went really good at the end.

I was afraid of getting some shit like dead animals or cum jars, but some kamerad sent my really nice package. Since we were encouraged by organizator to post pics of our gifts, here they are.

Other from metal/plastic shit, I got liebesbrief and ginger bread which was really cool idea and I reused it in my own Secret Santa package.

Then some ancient sprues - Romans and Persians. I will not start a new project for them, but it will be a fun to build and paint them.

Next are some British Commandos, which I maybe use as Brandenburgers for my Bolt Action Germans.

Some FoW(?) tanks. Panther especially is really cool, because my big cat get a puppy.

Last pieces are some metal partisans, which will be great addition for my Volksturm force.

At the end of post I must say a big thank you for this Anon from Germany. Your package really pleased me.

Looking forward for next year!