Friday, 10 November 2017

SAGA A&A - Late Romans Tirones

"Here to die in the pouring rain. 
But just as sure as Rome is falling. 
I'll be rising again. 
I will return as a new believer"

Here are pictures of my 1pts Late Roman levies for Aetius & Arthur Saga. This time Tirones, fresh recruits armed with spear and shield. To alienate them from standard legionaries I choose to give them bleached tunics, which were more and more common at end times of the Empire and except from squad NCO, whole unit is without helmets.

Used models are just Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans Infatry. Shields are from LBMS and flag from Flags of War.

And together with Scorpio, with it they're 1pts of Levy unit in Saga game terms.

And together with rest of my painted Late Romams - Warlord and Heartguards.

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