Monday, 1 December 2014

Hanomags in 1/48 and 1/56 scale

Father and son.
I always read somebody posting something like "1/48 si better then Warlords 1/56 and we should use it for Bolt Action instead". Now I know its not good idea..

In last tournament one of players bring his 1/48 Tamiya Hanomag. And I have mine 1/56 Warlord one and we must compare them. And result were suprising!

I was always thinking that they would be almost same size, but the Tamiya one was huge monster! Even slightly bigger then 1/56 Warlord Churchill!

Warlord Churchill, Tamiya Hanomag, Warlord Hanomag.
Bring your vehicle competition.
Even more suprising was fact, that Tamiya soldiers are roughly the same size as Warlord ones. Slightly taller, but usable for play in my opinion.

Warlord German on GW base, Tamiya German, Warlord German on Warlord base.
So... are you still thinking that 1/48 are okay to use or even better scale wise?


  1. I plan on using 1/48th scale vehicles from now on for all my gaming situations. I do use the Bolt Action/Warlord heads in place of the Tamiya figures as it makes them blend in so much better.

  2. They are better. Warlord vehicles are simply to small.