Unboxing - Warzone Studio Battle Mats

I get my hands on few battle mats from Russian company  Warzone Studio - At the start, I must say that even though it is an company outside EU, everything went duty-free and even the basic postage has tracking, which is automatically updated in the mail.  And the whole trasnit took about two weeks, and the "production and packaging" took a little over a week. Transport/carry bag. It is interesting that the mats do not come in a "classic tube" but instead in such an elegant bag, which is already included in the price. Why not - at the end for carrying in a backpack/sport bag, its probably better than a tube. The 4x4 matt fit into the bag without any problems, the 8x4 had a bit of an "inflated wallet" effect. Meadows I bought  Meadows (Your generic green field),  Vernal Grass (Grass with snow - ideal for playing when one of the players has a based army in the snow and the other does not, thanks to this mat both armies somehow fit together on the table),  C

Age of Hannibal - Battle of Gaugamela in 6mm

"Alexander, if you chase him you risk losing your army here!" "And if we capture him we gain an empire!" A "small" refight of Battle of Gaugamela(ish) with Dejv  in 6mm using LittleWarsTV ruleset Age of Hannibal .   It was the first time were playing AoH so we didnt even used our "full collections" but its still something like 1500 painted soldiers and about 90 units gamewise.  AoH ruleset gave us eveything we expected and were looking forward for even bigger games! Used models are mostly from Baccus 6mm, with few Rapier Miniatures and Irregular miniatures. Used gaming mat is Deserted Heart from Warzone studios ( Review here ).