Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Devil's Run: The Law Haulage Company Patroller

After a while I finished my first The Devil's Run: Route 666 car! The Law Patroller from Core set.

It was not just my first R666 car, but also my first painted model in 1/72 scale. As I writted in game models review, this things are pretty small. Taking that into account, I think it end up pretty good.

I tried to go for the most post apo rusty/dust feel I can make in that scale with my skills. At the end  I was thinking, if I'm not "over the top" with that but thankfully there is no such think as "so much postapo feel in postapo!" How it looked nearly finished without weathering can be found in Riot Grrl - Unboxing.

To ad some flavour for the car I added big blood splatter in front of the vehicle. Some Haul's Angel had a bad time...

See you next time. Maybe with my finished "Dixie Gasser"...

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