Saturday, 30 September 2017

A SAGA of Ice and Fire - Baratheon Knights no. 2#

"Floating above them were the largest banners yet, royal standards as big as sheets; a yellow one with long pointed tongues that showed a flaming heart, and another like a sheet of beaten gold, with a black stag prancing and rippling in the wind."

Second group of Knights for my Baratheon Saga army project. As you can see, in this group is one knight in plain red livery prefered by followers of R'hllor rather than Baratheon house colours.

Used models are Perry Miniatures plastic knights for Hundred Years War. Kitbashed together wih both French and British sprues.

Snow is just Games Workshop Valhallan Blizzard technical paint. Banner is from Flags of War.

And I must thank you for all your appreciation with first Knights - Over 600 page views in first week and over sixty likes on Saga facebook group. Thanks guys!

Next week: Baratheon Archers!

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