Thursday, 26 October 2017

Alien vs Predator - Weyland-Yutani Female Commander

"Building better worlds."

Here is my representation of W-Y commander for AVP boardgame and wargame alike, since Prodos didnt released (or even announced) any USCMC or W-Y HQ model to this date.

Ruleswise W-Y commander has scoped "sniper version" of Pulse rifle and bodysuit. I think this is fine representation. And can even be upgraded with some "special combat knife" which is also presented.

I did  Weyland-Yutani logo freehands on shoulders to clerly mark where this heroine belongs.

Used model is from Prodos Warzone Grey Ghosts set.

Since is also Prodos model in same scale, sizewise is there no problem with other Prodos AvP models.


  1. Nice, that's the great thing about Prodos doing WZR as well as AvP, you get great potential out of crossing over the figures.

    1. Thats true, but I would rather prefered if they finished their original AVP range, then doing unicast resculpts :)