Monday, 2 October 2017

AWI Hessian Fusiliers - Regiment von Knyphausen

It took me a while, but my Hessian Officier has finally somebody to command!

German Fusiliers are visually, thanks to their headgear, one of the most interesting  units in whole conflict. And help to differ from their American counterparts, which also wore blue uniforms.

To ad some diversity to the force, I decided to paint regimental drummer as Afro-American. It was common practice for Hessians regiments to buy african slaves from locals as their musicians.

Sadly the Warlord Games/Wargames Factory plastic box includes only 13 fusiliers cap - enough for just this one squad.

And blue boyz with their redcoats comrades. Warlord plastic figs are slighty bulkier then Perry ones, but in my opinion, still usable with no problem.

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