Sunday, 22 October 2017

SAGA A&A - Late Romans Warlord - Centurion Gaius Septimius

"Im here to march ‘gainst the force of evil.
Here to die in the pouring rain.
But just as sure as Rome is falling.
I’ll be rising again."

Here are pictures of my Late Roman warlord for Aetius & Arthur Saga. Centurion Gaius Lucius Septimius is patrician and thus had, and his germanic vexillarius Adalfarus, his standard legionary red tunics embroided with golden thread, as was common for wealthy soldier of late Rome as mark of their position and civilian influence.

They both have highly decorative painted shield as was usual for elite roman units of the period. But as army regulations dictated, shield desing are coresponding with their uniform and even Septimius helmet crest match colors of his shield.

Used models are just Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans Infatry. I just little kitbashed commmand and infantry sprues.

Amazing shield transfers are from Little Big Men Studios.

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