Saturday, 4 November 2017

SAGA A&A - Late Romans Auxilium Palatinum

"A battle cry, a soldier’s sigh, I wish I hadn’t said goodbye. 
This time I won’t be coming home."

Here are pictures of my 1pts Late Roman Heartguard for Aetius & Arthur Saga. This time Auxilia Palatines. Their standard legionary red tunics are embroided with purple thread, as was common for elite units of the period, to denote their rank with chainmail.

They have highly decorative painted shield as was usual for elite roman units of the period. But as army regulations dictated, shield desing and spear colours are coresponding with their uniforms.

Used models are just Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans Infatry. I just little kitbashed commmand and infantry sprues with minor conversion work on dragon bearer.

As elite units, they're acompanied with Draconarius instead of Vexillarius, with only Draco on the whole warband.

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