Friday, 27 April 2018

AK-47 Republic - First Reinforcements

"All the soul of man is resolution, which in valiant men falters never, until their last breath."

First reinforcements for my Independent Colonialist Army of  Free Mtumsia! an AK-47 Republic project. One squad of profesional child soldiers, profesional AA Toyota and regulars HMGs.

To distinguish profesionals from rest of my army I choose to give them mostly desert camo and make first squad just from children. So say hi to Mtumsian Children Guard!

Except from squad leader, which is of course adult. And white colonial settler. And with golden kalashnikov. Because... well, he can! #WelcometoAfrica

Next squad are regulars armed with russian heavy machine guns.

As Regulars they're weating mostly green uniform, which will make them gamewise clearly recognisable from profesionals and militias.

Just one of the crewman is native african NCO in black Adidas tracksuit. Because, well, its Africa.

Last reinforcement is Toyota armed with AA gun to acompany my T-55 Tanks.

To make her veteran status clear, she has some field done camo strips and skull decal at the front.

And group shot with General.

For Free Mtumsia!

All used models are from Peter Pig Company.

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