Napoleonic Wars Austrians - More Jaegers!

"The jägers moved through a hail of bullets and canister fire and leapt into the ditch. They pressed up against the palisade, tearing it down and climbing over and into the redoubt."

Another units for my project of Austrians in Napoleonic Wars for Chosen Men skirmish and later (hopefuly) for Black Powder or another "regiment skirmish".

This time another two unit of 'austrian regular' Jaegers with muskets and "rifles".

Used models are Victrix ltd 'Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1806-1815' plastic box set with exception of heads which are from Perry Miniatures plastic 'AN 40 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry' box.

Rifled squad had just "knife cuted" victrix muskets and NCO is Austrian Jager from Elite Wargames.